Five people, including a child, killed by rocket attack in Northern Syrian city of Azaz

A rocket attack on the Turkish proxy force-held city of Azaz in northwest Syria on Tuesday left five civilians dead. As per different accounts, three to five others were seriously injured in the attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights as per AFP said that one child was among the dead in the attack that targeted a market in the city.

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A Reuters report quoting an activist reported that the dead include a child and four men.

While the report fails to verify the source of the attack, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claims that the rockets were fired from northern Aleppo province, an area that is controlled by the Syrian regime and Kurdish forces. 

However, the monitor did not specify who carried out the attack.

The incident follows Turkish drone and warplane attacks on the Kurdish YPG militia in Syria in the last few days as Turkey and the YPG escalated tit-for-tat strikes that resulted in civilian deaths on both sides of the border.

The Observatory, which has a vast network of sources inside Syria, reported earlier on Tuesday that three Syrian government soldiers were killed and others were injured during Turkish bombardments of an air base several kilometres south of Azaz.

In the meantime, two fighters from the Kurdish-led forces were killed in northeastern Syria after a Turkish drone attack targeted a base shared by Kurdish forces and a US-led coalition against Islamic State extremists.

In what it has dubbed Operation Claw-Sword, Ankara launched a series of airstrikes on Sunday, hitting dozens of Kurdish targets throughout Iraq and Syria.

Ankara said that the operation over the weekend was in reprisal for a bombing last week in Istanbul that left six people dead and was attributed to extremists by the police. Nobody has taken the blame, and both the PKK and SDF have said they are not involved.

(With inputs from agencies)

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