Fawad Khan says he followed Christian Bale, Aamir Khan’s body transformation: I

Over the years, many celebrities have gone through drastic physical transformations for their movie roles. But, sometimes these forceful body changes may land you in a hospital bed, and most recently it happened with the Pakistani actor Fawad Khan.

Khan is curruntly promoting his most awaited movie ‘The Legend Of Maula Jatt’ and during his recent interview, the actor shared how tough and life-threatening these physical transformations can be. 

During his chat with Something Haute, Fawad was questioned about how he bulked up his body to get into the skin of his role, to which the ‘Khoobsurat’ actor replied, as per Indian Express, ”I would never do that again.”

”It is not the best thing I did to myself. I just made some questionable choices, which negatively affected me,” ‘Kapoor and Sons’ actor added. 

Fawad is diabetic and doing all the hard work on his body affected him badly. During the interview, he named a few actors who have previously impressed the audience with their shocking physical transformation, “I was putting in insane hours. It’s not the right way to do these things because the thing is I had limited time. Due to whatever circumstances, it happened the way it happened. I am not Christian Bale but I tried to do what he does, even Aamir Khan for that matter.”

For his role in ‘Dangal’, Aamir Khan gained around 28 kilos in five months. Meanwhile, Bale is known for the significant body transformations that he did for his films, whether it’s MCU’s ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, ‘American Psycho’, ‘Vice’, ‘The Machinist’ among others. 

Raising awareness about the dark side of these physical transformations, he said, ”There is a dark underbelly to all of these physical transformations and people should know that when you make these decisions, it is taking a huge toll on your health. And it happened. Ten days into it, I was hospitalised. My kidneys shut down.”

Fawad made a cameo in MCU’s ‘Ms Marvel’ and he will be next seen in the Pakistani Punjabi-language action-drama ‘The Legend of Maula Jatt’ alongside Mahira Khan. 

The film is touted to be one of the highest-budget movies in Pakistani film history.

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