Eyewear trends that will be a hit in 2023

Staying updated with the latest trend will not just make you stylish, it also builds confidence and is something that will be in demand in every fashion statement. Fashion eyewear with lenses that offer complete eye protection will be a trend in 2023. Here are the top five eyewear trends that you will see in the coming months.
Transparent frames

From completely clear or have a mild tint, Eyeglasses with transparent frames are your go-to-go accessories that are decent enough for all face shapes and skin tones. The Stylish and trendy transparent frames are perfect for your office look and something that you can carry to night-outs too and this ease with them will make them stay in trend in 2023 too.

Thick frames
Eyewear with thick frames is more comfortable but they are way too stylish to make you look standout without any effort. If you’re someone who always thinks of looking a bit stylish without making any extra effort. The thickness of the frame matches the length of the lenses, Thick frames enhance facial features and make people look younger. These stylish thick frames are one of the eyewear that will trend in 2023 and you’ll see them on the faces of every fashion lover.

Clip-on frames

Clip-on frames are quite different from normal frames, these Magnetic Clip Glasses will transform your classic look into a sporty one. They were new in 2022 but clip-on will make carrying eyewear easy for you and they will replace the need of having separate eyeglasses and sunglasses. Clip-on will be the eyeglasses that you’ll easily turn into sunglasses whenever you want.

Customized frames

All are aware of the new trend of customization and its impact on eyewear in 2023 will be higher. The best thing about customized frames is that there’s no need to follow any trend or look, you are the one to decide for yourself.

You’ll see frames shapes and colors that never came into existence. From celebrities to laymen, from younger to older, Customized Frame will be the new trend in 2023 that people would love to wear after getting them customized the way they want.

Retro-tinted frames and lenses

Retro-tinted eyewear will soon be in demand by every fashionista. Whether it’s a transparent or metal frame, you’ll see colors especially lenses in red, orange, and yellow. In 2023, you’ll again be going to tinted lenses on your favorite celebrities. In 2023, From Transparent, aviators to tinted eyewear from 1970 coming back, you’ll see the
changes in eyewear that will change the complete style statement.

With inputs from Vivek Gupta, Founder of Yourspex.

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