Endangered pink land iguana makes a miraculous comeback

A critically endangered species of reptile endemic to a sole island on the Ecuadorean archipelago is making a miraculous comeback. Scientists have maybe for the first time discovered hatchlings and “juvenile” populations of the Galapagos pink land iguana.

The species which was first discovered decades ago has been accorded the critically endangered species status as according to estimates published on the Galápagos Conservancy there are only 200 individuals left and all of them are confined to the slopes of Wolf Volcano on Isabela island. 

Furthermore, they are made especially vulnerable by the fact that the volcano is active. Another threat to the population as per Reuters is alien species, particularly rodents that were introduced to the island.

As per Danny Rueda, Director of the Galapagos National Park, the discovery “marks a significant step forward, which allows us to identify a path going forward to save the pink iguana.”

“Knowing all the aspects that make their existence vulnerable will allow us to take timely actions, mainly against invasive species and thus avoid interrupting the natural cycles of these fragile ecosystems,” he added.

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The Galapagos island which is home to this unique species that for years wasn’t even categorised as a separate species also houses a number of other endemic species. Reuters reports that the island which is home to a number of species not found anywhere else and is considered the key force behind Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. Apart from the endangered Galapagos Pink land iguana, these species include several more species of iguanas, and giant tortoises, flightless cormorants.

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