Doctor collapses while attending patients in China; video goes viral

Viral video shows Chinese doctor collapsing at duty amid country facing COVID surge

Chinese doctor collapsing at duty amid country facing COVID surge. YouTube: The Telegraph

While the rest of the world has managed to bring its COVID situation under control by imposing strict restrictions, China is presently witnessing a massive resurgence in coronavirus infections, specifically due to the Omicron variant. Known for its rigid restrictions which also impact its economy, China recently made an absolute turnaround on its ‘zero-COVID’ policy which led to sudden spikes in infections and also prompted deaths in the country. Speaking of which, hospitals in China are also overburdened with patients and numbers don’t seem to fall yet. As the situation has created a chaotic environment among the people, the sudden spike in infections has also taken a toll on the medical infrastructure in the country.

Doctors are facing the most challenges while dealing with cases and attending to patients. With that said, several videos have also surfaced on the internet showing the mayhem in China, especially in hospitals. One such video is recently making rounds on the internet where a doctor suddenly collapsed on the chair after he constantly attended several patients at the same time.


Shared by The Telegraph on its social media handles, the video shows a doctor seated on his chair while attending to patients, one after another. It was shortly after that when the doctor suddenly collapsed in the same position. His condition created a tense situation among the people further prompting his colleagues to intervene. In order to revive him, they also moved him out of the chair and took him away.

The video has already left many people in shock and worrying about the arising situation. Besides, many other shocking videos have also popped up on the internet which show the grave condition in China.

In the meantime, the current situation in China has again given a reflection of how things unfolded after the virus breakout was first reported. On one hand, while China has been downplaying the crisis, media reports suggest that the country is witnessing over 10,000 cases on a daily basis. Projections have been also made that China can soon also face an explosion of cases by next year.

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