Dark side of the ‘White’ world: Sick people refuse to take leaves as UK goes through economic crisis

New Delhi: In dire straits, even seriously ill people not taking leave as they need the money for food, fuel

Such is the dismal state of the British economy that even seriously ill patients, who “ideally, medically, should not be at work”, are increasingly refusing to take medical leave.

They feel they cannot afford to skip work given the severe ongoing financial crisis that is raging across the country.
According to Professor Kamila Hawthorne, people she had tried to sign off work due to illness have refused, saying they must keep working to provide for their families.

“Recently I’ve had patients refusing sick notes because they can’t afford not to work. Quite often, when it’s clear that somebody needs some time off, they won’t take it,” said Kamila as reported by Guardian.

Hawthorne added, “These are people who ideally, medically, should not be at work (because) they have a chronic condition such as asthma or diabetes, but quite often mental health problems, quite severe mental health problems, I (see) some cases that really do require a bit of sick note peace and quiet to try and help them get better.

With the ongoing economic crisis in the UK, patients are extremely worried about fuel costs this winter.

“I’ve been really surprised in the last year that when I’ve offered a sick note they’ve said ‘Oh no, no, I can’t take time off. I need the money from work’. They’ve refused,” she said further.

Meanwhile, Nearly 10 million adults and 4 million children of the UK population, who number a modest 67.5 million (67,508,936), and have a per capita income of $47,334 (World Bank -2021), are malnourished. Some are struggling to buy the food they need. Others are actually going hungry without a meal for the whole day.

One in four households with children have experienced food insecurity in the last month alone, as per a Guardian newspaper article dated 18 October 2022. Everyone who is not well-off, even in the middle class, is feeling the pinch.

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