Daily Quordle 197 answer for August 9: It keeps getting worse! Check Quordle hints and clues

Daily Quordle 197 answer for August 9: The game, known for being tough, has just increased its difficulty level. You will need these Quordle hints, clues and solutions to get a win today.

Daily Quordle 197 answer for August 9: Till a couple of months ago, Quordle had a fixed pattern. It gave easier puzzles in the beginning of the month and as the the month neared its end, the puzzles would also get more difficult to solve. But it appears that pattern is now gone and tough puzzles can come anytime now. This unpredictability has added to the overall difficulty of the game because now it is harder to build up a streak. However, there is no need to worry. You just need to check out our Quordle hints and clues to get information about the words that will ensure your victory. And if you need more assistance, you can directly scroll to the bottom for the answer too. This is the most efficient way to beat the tricks of the game. 

Quordle 197 hints for August 9

Today, you’ve been served with three words with repeated letters. And two of them have an obscure letter which repeats again. This means find the letter in itself is going to be harder. However, don’t be worried. Just make sure to use a starting word with less common letters and you will have an advantage in the game. 

Quordle 197 clues for August 9

1. The words begin with D, S, K and P.

2. The words end with Y, K, K and E. 

3. Word 1 clue – in an amusing but not obvious way

4. Word 2 clue – to hit a child with the hand, usually several times on the bottom as a punishment

5. Word 3 clue – to make a noise by hitting something firmly with your hand

6. Word 4 clue – to make fruit or vegetables into a thick, smooth sauce by crushing them, usually in a machine

These were your clues. The answer has been revealed to you as long as you can do a quick brainstorming session. And for those of you sitting on your last lifeline, scroll down for the answers.

Quordle 197 answer for August 9

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read ahead if you do not want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:





Hopefully, the puzzle today did not bother you at all. Do come back here again for more hints and clues.

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