COVID-19 in China: Demand for a particular fruit rises as people seek natural remedies to fight the virus

China, where the first known case of coronavirus was reported in late 2019, has been witnessing an onslaught of new positive cases of the deadly virus. Beijing has started to relax its strict “Zero-Covid” policy as the authorities continue their struggle to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

But amid the chaos, a report by Bloomberg noted that people are seeking immunity against Covid and hence, the demand for lemons has surged. 

The report mentioned that business is suddenly booming for China’s lemon farmers, which indicates that people are apparently stockpiling. 

It means the inclination of people is towards natural remedies to fight the fresh coronavirus wave of positive cases. 

As quoted by the report, one farmer identified as Wen, said, “The market is very much on fire”. 

Wen, who only revealed his surname, grows lemons on about 53 hectares in Anyue, a county in the southwestern province of Sichuan. This particular region produces around 70 per cent of the fruit in China. 

The farmer told the media outlet that his sales have increased to 20 to 30 tons a day over the past week. The rise is significant as compared to just five or six tons previously. 

Another farmer in Anyue, whose name is Liu Yanjing told Bloomberg that “lemon prices have doubled in the past four or five days”. 

Lemons are high in vitamin C and their consumption provides fibre and other beneficial plant compounds, which are responsible for several health benefits from weight loss to improving the immune system. 

The report mentioned that the surge in demand for lemons can be seen in cities like Beijing and Shanghai. People in regions, where Covid cases are spreading fast, rushing to buy foods rich in vitamin C.

Notably, no report can prove that lemons can cure Covid and scientists, experts and doctors have advocated getting jabbed and taking precautionary measures to avoid the infections.   

According to local media, sales of other fruits including oranges and pears are also rising apart from lemons. The trends were visible on Dingdong Maicai, which is an e-commerce site selling fresh produce. 

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