Consumer report blames Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift on ‘design flaw’

A report from consumer choice publication Which? shares findings that could prove your Joy-Con drift is down to a “design flaw” in manufacturing, not because you’ve knocked it about too much.

According to an investigation by Which?, issues with the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con controllers result from flawed design. Eurogamer (opens in new tab) cites the consumer magazine’s discovery that the Joy-Con’s “plastic circuit boards showed noticeable wear on the joystick slider contact points” despite only being used for a handful of months. This means it may not be your rough gameplay style and button-mashing causing your analog sticks to suffer. 

I feel vindicated on behalf of my little cousin, whose mother has berated him repeatedly for breaking his Switch controllers far too easily. This report from Which? could be proof that it’s not his fault after all.

Mario Odyssey being played on a Nintendo Switch console

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It’s not you

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