Climate change: Are we doing our bit for environment?  

Climate change is real. Our Earth is dying a slow death. Whether one likes it or not, we are responsible for it in one way or the other. Unless we make right amends, nothing is going to change. It is not just about holding marches, discussions or coming up with innovative slogans or getting popular in the world by raising the voice. It is all about actually taking some corrective measures as if things go the way they are currently, we may be the reason for our own downfall. But yes, there is still time to make things right.   

For years, the world has been using fossil fuels excessively, resorting to deforestation, killing animals for sport, harming ocean life as we please, etc. In all of these actions, hardly any consideration has been given to any of the ill-effects of these activities.   

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Due to this, the world is at a stage where the temperature is going to rise above 1.5C soon, glaciers are melting around the world, sea level is rising, deforestation is still continuing, use of fossil fuel is rising, etc. The scientists have already warned the world to make changes or face catastrophe at the end. But we are busy putting in all the resources in fighting our ‘so-called’ enemies. It seems to be high time to realise who is the real enemy.   

Nowadays, the world talks about saving Earth in climate change conferences, Earth Day rallies and so on. Only a little is being done on the ground. If we don’t act now, saving our planet will become impossible.   

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To actually make any climate change initiative successful, the contribution of every person counts. It can be as small as planting a tree to using solar power at home. Even big steps like shunning the use of fossil fuels can help. You can go for electric vehicles or take up clean energy for various things. Anything is achievable if we come together and stay on the right course. So, let’s do our bit for the environment before it bids us final goodbye. 



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