Christmas tree decoration: 6 DIY ideas to decorate your Christmas Tree differently

Christmas tree: Unpacking an artificial Christmas tree or chopping down a fir or spruce tree are common preparations for many people for Christmas. There are a number of Christmas tree alternatives to take into consideration, even while these traditional ones may undoubtedly make your home feel festive. 

There are sure to be festive ideas below that suit you, whether you’re allergic to real trees, fed up with the fuss, or just want to try something different.

1. Wooden tree

This contemporary wood Christmas tree departs from the conventional style. The tree has movable “branches” made of different-length wooden slats. Leave the boards parallel to one another or twist them to create a lovely spiral in the shape of a tree in three dimensions.

2. Live tree

You may plant living Christmas trees in your yard after the holidays because they arrive with their roots still attached. Despite the fact that they may be smaller than typical Christmas tree farm picks, they don’t add to the trash created by trees that are thrown away annually.

3. Zero waste tree

Consider DIY-ing a zero-waste Christmas tree like this one to save room. Wall-hung Christmas tree designs are a terrific choice. To hang items on the wall, gather twine, sticks, pine cones, dried fruit slices, and cinnamon sticks from the yard or around the house.

4. Rustic tree

Set the mood for the next holiday season by decorating your porch or interior space with one of these rustic wooden Christmas trees. The pine board used to make the hand-cut trees are sturdy. The pine board is painted and weathered, creating the perfect finishing touch for a room with a rustic or farmhouse design aesthetic.

5. Stack-up tree

With a little creativity, many different materials may be combined to create a fake Christmas tree. In this illustration, books are arranged and stacked in various tiers to somewhat resemble a tree. Consider wrapping each book’s spine and cover with complementary paper or fabric for a more uniform appearance, or leave them unwrapped so the tree may also serve as a means to showcase some of your favourite titles and writers.

6. Red tree

Although green is the traditional colour for a Christmas tree, you are free to experiment with other colours. That’s what this red fake Christmas tree will contribute to. The 9-foot tall, colourful faux-pine tree is a stunning accent to a great room or other sitting areas with high ceilings.

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