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China Bans Government Officials from Using iPhones and Foreign Devices at Work Over Security Concerns

In a recent development reported by the Wall Street Journal, Chinese government officials have been prohibited from using iPhones and devices from foreign brands for work-related purposes due to potential security risks. This ban is part of a broader strategy by the Chinese government to reduce its dependence on foreign technology and safeguard sensitive data from potential breaches.

As outlined in the report, Chinese government officials have received instructions not to utilize iPhones for their official duties and are also forbidden from bringing such devices into the workplace.

A follow-up report from Bloomberg News indicates that this ban is likely to extend to government-backed agencies and state-run companies as China aims to achieve technological self-reliance. China stands as one of Apple’s largest markets and hosts several of the company’s major manufacturing facilities. These new measures can be seen as China’s response to the U.S. bans imposed on companies like Huawei and ZTE, and more recently, the scrutiny surrounding TikTok.

This move highlights China’s determination to bolster its domestic technology sector while addressing security concerns associated with foreign-made devices used by government personnel.

Rupesh Kumar Singh
Rupesh Kumar Singh
Rupesh Kumar Singh, a seasoned journalist since 2005, excels in crime and business journalism, known for accuracy and insightful reporting.


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