ChatGPT cannot catch them young

If you can’t beat them, join them, especially if you possess real intelligence and they possess artificial intelligence (AI). After many university students in the US have been caught using AI chatbots to prepare their humanly perfect dissertations, the professors are scrambling for a new paradigm in teaching.

They are planning oral and handwritten papers, demanding essay-drafting in the classroom and even incorporating bots like ChatGPT into the projects. However, the University at Buffalo in New York and Furman University in South Carolina plan to add AI-related chapters to their academic integrity courses to let the genetic code of morality fight the human urge to take the easy, but unethical, shortcuts.

Meanwhile, in the land of Eklavya – who, according to Mahabharat, had gifted his thumb as guru dakshina to Dronacharya – ChatGPT and its ilk have sent shock waves not in the official teaching circles but the multiple structures that run parallel to the suboptimal education setup.

Tuition and coaching institutes, project and holidays homework specialists, and middlemen who facilitate cheating in exams may see their income worth billions of dollars taken away by millions of lines of code. The tragedy: they cannot infiltrate the moral science textbooks and discourage real intelligence from accessing the artificial one.

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