‘Brad Pitt’ mountain lion that killed a chihuahua in Hollywood hills captured

California’s famous mountain lion P-22, often referred to as ‘Brad Pitt’ due to his good looks and easygoing attitude, has been captured to and tranquilised weeks after it attacked and killed a leashed chihuahua dog in Hollywood hills.

About four weeks back a video of the violent incident had gone viral on social video. As per KTLA, the tiny dog named Piper along with another canine was out on a leashed walk with its owner when the mountain lion attacked it. Piper was grievously injured and did not survive the attack.

The wild cat P22 is reportedly around 12 years old and is famous for roaming through residential areas. The male feline has been captured on CCTV frequently but his recent “agitated” behaviour is new and had alarmed the authorities.

“P-22 is a remarkably old cat in the wild and, after being deemed responsible for killing a leashed pet last month, may be exhibiting signs of distress,” said the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. The average lifespan of these large felines in the wild is around 10 years.

On Monday, Fish and Wildlife Department officers rang the bell at Sarah Picchi, a Los Feliz resident’s house,  and informed her “You have a lion in your back yard”.

Talking to Los Angeles Times, Pichi revealed that the lion was tranquilised on Monday morning.

Officials said that the ageing mountain lion is in stable condition after being sedated. A celebrity in his own right, P-22 as per BBC is the oldest Southern California cougar to be studied.

P-22’s future remains unknown, the Fish and Wildlife Department has said that it would “determine the best next steps for the animal while also prioritising the safety of surrounding communities”.

(With inputs from agencies)

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