Bollywood ‘far more democratic’ than the South industry: Gulshan Devaiah

Shaitan actor Gulshan Devaiah feels that the Hindi film industry is “more democratic” in comparison to the South Indian film industry. He said that all actors of the South come from film families whereas Bollywood is more open to outsiders. 

Gulshan said that nepotism is far more prevalent in the South industry and that it cannot be a factor in measuring the merit of movies. “If you look at the industry in the South, it is making so many waves. You can name all the actors who are really popular and all of them come from families. Everybody has their third and fourth generation working. But the Hindi film industry is far more democratic people like me, Vijay Varma, Soham (Shah), Mrunal Thakur, we are all working and doing well and making a living out of this,” Gulshan said. 

The actor added that it is “just human nature to blame everything for your misfortune” and that it was a “really stupid argument that talented people should get the job” as a business enterprise has to take into account many other factors before they finalise an actor. 

Gulshan Devaiah also spoke about the nature of this business and said there are “power structures and they have power and they do whatever they want but it’s really not some battle or it’s not like all darkness.”

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