Bigg Boss 16 Day 61 updates: Nimrit BREAKS DOWN during fight with Shalin, Archana

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. The day begins with the morning anthem. The housemates are very desperate to reclaim Rs 25 lakhs that they have lost. To reclaim the lost money and begin the race for the next captain, Bigg Boss announces a new task. Bigg Boss announces that The Golden Guys Sunny and Bunty will fly the golden helicopter that has been built  in the garden area. Captain Nimrit and the nominated contestant, MC Stan, are the moderators of this task.  

In each round, Bunty and Sunny will throw two sacks full of gold biscuits out of the chopper and the contestants must collect as many gold biscuits as they can and keep them in their safes. The moderators will look at the safes after each round and the contestant with the greatest number of biscuits wins. The winner will have the choice to either enter the race for captaincy or reclaim the prize money. 

The winners of the game in different rounds are Sumbul, Ankit, Soundarya, Shiv and Shalin. While Shiv and Soundarya choose passcode, Shalin, Ankit, and Sumbul choose captaincy and hence they lose the chance to reclaim the money. 

Bigg Boss then announces a task to send two people from the house on a date while two will cook pasta for them. Housemates send Shiv and Archana on a date while Soundarya and Sumbul cook for them. Meanwhile, Tina gets injured and is taken to the doctor. Nimrit, on the other hand, has a massive breakdown when she feels he is making fun of her medical condition. Shalin apologises to her and makes amends. 

In the date, Shiv and Archana dance to the tunes of ‘Main toh raste se jaa raha tha’. Tina complains to the doctor about the housemates and says she won’t get healthy food. Meanwhile, Shalin and Archana get into a heated argument over Tina. Archana says your girlfriend is dirty and keeps dirty clothes here and there. Shalin gets aggressive and asks her to shut up.  

However, when Tina asks for light food, Shalin comes and asks Archana if she help Tina will light food and she says agrees. 

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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