Anne Heche says Ellen DeGeneres was the first and only woman she fell in love with

The first look of Anne Heche’s posthumous memoir has been released and as expected it’s all about her romantic days with famous TV show host Ellen DeGeneres. In her book, ‘Call Me Anne’, the late actor has shared some of her hidden feelings for Ellen and some shocking revelations about her life.

In the second memoir, titled ‘Call Me Anne,’ Anne had revealed that Ellen was the ‘first and only woman’ that she fell in love with in her life.

Anne and Ellen DeGeneres’s relationship is not hidden from the world. One of the 90′ s most talked about couples, Anne and Ellen were among the first openly gay couples. 

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In the book, Anne wrote per People: “In 1997, I began a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres and was on the set of my first starring role in a big-budget movie, Six Days, Seven Nights,”

“I was called into my costar Harrison Ford’s trailer one lunch break within the first week of shooting. I was met with the sight of director Ivan Reitman and Harrison sitting on one of two white pleather sofas. I hesitantly sat on the opposite white pleather sofa. They had seen the evening news. Rumours were reported that Ellen and I were pregnant. Our ‘pregnancy’ was everywhere,” she continues. 

Further, she also shared a heartbreaking chat she had with director Ivan Reitman, known for his films like ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ that why she can’t keep her sexuality hidden, just like Jodie Forter.

“They showed me this as proof of why this openness about my relationship was becoming a pain in the a** for them. Why Ivan asked me, can’t I just be like Jodie Foster? (I didn’t know what that meant. ‘Everybody knows it,’ he explained, ‘it’ being her sexuality. ‘She just doesn’t talk about it.’)”

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In the book, she also revealed why she got attracted to Ellen as she shares how her father hid his sexuality his entire life: ”Since nobody asked, I will tell you why. Because I had lived in a family that was built upon lies. My father hid his sexuality his entire life.”

”When I met Ellen and she was open and honest about her sexuality, it was the most attractive and alluring quality in a person that I had ever seen. I was mesmerized by her honesty, and that is why she was the first and only woman that I ever fell in love with. I was in love with a person who had chosen to leverage her very public persona in support of the cause she was standing up for, which was LGBTQ+ rights for everybody on the planet who wanted them.”

Heche passed away on August 16 after she was taken off the life-support system. Heche was declared brain dead on, August 11, days after her terrible car accident that left the actress with several injuries. 

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