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“Angadia Firm Manager Robbery: Gaurav Jain in Custody, Police Hunt for Seven Other Suspects”

A man, aged 40, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, has been apprehended by Mumbai Crime Branch’s Anti Extortion Cell on charges of deceit, kidnapping, and looting the manager of an Angadia firm in South Mumbai.

As per the police report, the case involves a sum exceeding Rs 90 lakh, along with gold ornaments valued at Rs 85 lakh. There are seven additional suspects at large in connection with the incident.

The detained individual, Gaurav Jain of Bhopal, collaborated with his seven partners based in Mumbai, Delhi, and Indore, according to law enforcement. Their modus operandi involved initial engagement with employees of Angadia companies.

These companies primarily specialize in the transportation of money and valuables, garnering a commission for their services. The accused would entice employees by promising them significant commissions in return.

To establish rapport with the employees, Jain would even dispatch substantial amounts of cash through them, alongside providing them substantial commissions. “This approach aimed to win their trust, as the cash would be collected by his associate in another state. Jain wasn’t actually transporting the money; it was merely a tactic,” explained an officer.

In the case registered with the Mumbai Crime Branch, Jain approached the company’s manager, Naveen Sharma, in March 2023. “Initially, Jain channeled more than Rs 2 crore through Sharma to different states, generously offering him a considerable commission. Once his confidence was gained, Jain began urging Sharma to send money on his behalf, asserting he would reimburse it,” stated an officer.

For a while, the accused indeed repaid the amount. However, when a debt of Rs 90 lakh remained, the manager initiated contact, seeking repayment. The accused, on the other hand, counterclaimed that Sharma owed him over Rs 2 crore and resorted to threats. To retrieve the owed sum, Jain and an accomplice visited Sharma’s office in south Mumbai and abducted him.

“By force, they coerced him to accompany them, seizing Rs 1 lakh in cash and gold ornaments worth more than Rs 85 lakh from his possession,” an officer recounted. Upon learning of the incident, the victim and his employer notified the crime branch, leading to the filing of a case. Subsequently, Jain was apprehended in Bhopal on Saturday. He was presented in court on Sunday and subsequently remanded into police custody.

Rupesh Kumar Singh
Rupesh Kumar Singh
Rupesh Kumar Singh, a seasoned journalist since 2005, excels in crime and business journalism, known for accuracy and insightful reporting.


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