Amrita Rao, RJ Anmol open up on losing baby via surrogacy, pregnancy struggles

New Delhi: Actress Amrita Rao and her husband RJ Anmol, on their YouTube channel Couple Of Things, recently opened up on their pregnancy struggles and losing a child during surrogacy. The couple often discuss their lives with fans on their YouTube channel and this time they recalled their struggle to conceive a child, saying that it took years. 

They tried various methods such as IUI, IVF, Ayurveda and surrogacy, however, the odds weren’t in their favour for any of the methods. 


Starting with IUI Amrita revealed that the process didn’t give them any results. Later, the doctors advised them to try surrogacy which Amrita was quite okay with. At the time, her reaction was – “I was like hann hann mujhe pregnant nahi banna padega na, theek hai (I wouldn’t get pregnant right then it’s okay).”

However, commenting on it now, she said, “Of course, there are many factors that the baby will get a lot of qualities of that surrogate mother and not what the original mother can give to the baby.”



Things were going on the right track as they had found a surrogate mother who had conceived the baby and it was established that the baby had a heartbeat. However, unfortunately, the couple lost their baby as the surrogate mother suffered from a miscarriage. This was devastating for the then to-be parents Amrita and Anmol.

Still trying their luck, the couple went for the IVF process. Talking about the same, Amrita recalled, “Every time the nurse used to come to give me those hormonal shots I used to hate it. They were painless but I used to hate it. After that, I decided not to do IVF again.”


Last came the Ayurveda treatment which left Amrita with bad rashes on her body. The actress felt the treatment didn’t suit her body at all.

At a time when the couple was disheartened by the failure to get pregnant, a miracle happened in their lives. After their vacation in Thailand, the couple realised that Amrita was finally pregnant in 2020.

Amrita Rao and hubby RJ Anmol became proud parents to their son Veer on November 1, 2020.

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