Akon on BMF Big Meech (Black Mafia Family) Jeezy & ‘Soul Survivor’ | CLUB SHAY SHAY

Shannon Sharpe and Akon discuss the collaboration on Young Jeezy’s ‘Soul Survivor’ record, BMF Big Meech introducing the two artists, and Black Mafia Family. When asked how the song came about Akon goes into great detail: “I did the ‘Soul Survivor’ record, sent it to Jeezy and as soon as he heard it he was like ’Bro this is it…Yeah this is it!’ And in less than a hour he sends it back with all his lyrics on it. It was a monster record but it was simple as Meech connecting us.”

5 MINUTES AGO・Club Shay Shay: The Shannon Sharpe Podcast・4:59

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