5 Asteroids coming close to Earth on 21 and 22 December 2022

Beware! As many as 5 asteroids are all set to make a very close encounter with Earth in the next 2 days. Here’s what NASA has revealed about these frightful asteroids.

NASA says almost 100 tons of dust-sized particles land on Earth on a daily basis. A vehicle-sized asteroid hits Earth’s atmosphere, creates a giant fireball and burns up before reaching the surface once a year. Every 2000 years, an asteroid the size of a football field hits Earth and causes significant damage to the area. But what about world-ending asteroids? Well, NASA says the potentially planet-killing space rocks make their way towards Earth only once every few million years. They can destroy the entire planet and not just a region.

NASA has now revealed that 5 asteroids are all set to make close trips to Earth between today and tomorrow! Know their distance, speed, trajectory and more, according to NASA.

1. Asteroid 2017 XQ60 – A huge asteroid with a size ranging between 111 feet and 246 feet will fly past Earth by a very close margin today, December 21. The asteroid, named Asteroid 2017 XQ60, will make its closest approach with the planet at a distance of 7.2 million kilometers. The asteroid is travelling towards the planet at a blistering speed of 57463 kilometers per hour!

2. Asteroid 2022 YK Another asteroid named 2022 YK will make its closest approach to Earth tomorrow, on December 22 at a distance of just 1.2 million kilometers. The asteroid, with a width between 16 feet and 36 feet, is travelling at a speed of 10127 kilometers per hour towards the planet at the moment!

3. Asteroid 2022 UD9 NASA has issued an alert against another asteroid named Asteroid 2022 UD9. This asteroid has a humongous size, ranging between 393 feet and 885 feet, and is expected to fly past Earth closely on December 22, at a distance of 1.7 million kilometers. The asteroid is already on its way towards Earth, travelling at a staggering speed of 36969 kilometers per hour.

4. Asteroid 2022 YG – Another asteroid, with a size between 42 feet and 95 feet, is all set to make a close approach to Earth tomorrow, December 22. The speeding space rock will pass the planet at a distance of 2.4 million kilometers. NASA has revealed that the asteroid is moving towards Earth at a staggering speed of 19772 kilometers per hour!

5. Asteroid 2022 RD2 – The fifth asteroid, with a size ranging between 16 feet and 36 feet, is named Asteroid 2022 RD2 and will be making its closest Earth approach on December 22. It will come as close as 5.3 million kilometers, according to NASA JPL. The asteroid is moving at a slower pace than other asteroids at 4062 kilometers per hour.

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